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Will the Armor Shields fit other Kamado style grills such as Kamado Joe, Primo, etc.?

Armor Shields started with customized grill covers for the Big Green Egg, and others will be coming soon. Look for updates on our Facebook and Instagram sites, or sign up for our newsletter to get updates delivered directly to your inbox.

What is the Armor Shield made of?

Armor Shields are handcrafted in the USA and are made of powder-coated aluminum.

Are Armor Shields available in custom colors and designs?

Yes! We love working with our customers to create custom Armor Shield designs and will gladly help you personalize your grilling experience around your passion. You may submit custom design files in vector or .tiff format.

Visit our “Custom” page to learn how you can get your own custom Armor Shield for your Big Green Egg® today!

How long do customized Armor Shield orders take to process and ship?

All artwork submitted is subject to approval before production will begin. Once the artwork is approved, expect a turnaround time of 3-4 weeks.

Can I leave the Armor Shield on my grill without a cover?

Yes. Armor Shields are all aluminum and powder-coated, enabling them to withstand any outdoor environmental conditions.

Can I place my own sticker or decal on my Armor Shield without it discoloring?

Yes! We recommend using only stickers/decals designed for outdoor use with UV protection. The grill temperature will not affect outdoor suitable decals.

Do you have to have a special tool or hardware to install Armor Shields?

We use the existing hardware on the grill to install Armor Shields. You will need a 7/16 wrench to loosen the 4 nuts and then insert the specially designed, patent-pending Spring Clips to securely hold your Armor Shield in place. Check out our easy 3-step install process on our Installation page.

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