Our Easy, 3-Step Process

Follow our simple, 3-step installation process shown below to install your Armor Shield on your Big Green Egg.


Install the Spring Clips on your grill.

  • Remove the acorn nut

  • Place the Spring Clip on the bolt

  • Replace the acorn nut

  • Repeat on all 4 sides


Place the Shield into the rear clips.

  • Tilt the Armor Shield into the rear clips first

  • Ease the front of the Armor Shield down so it rests on the front clips


Secure the Shield with the front Spring Clips.

  • Press the Armor Shield toward the rear with your thumbs

  • Hook your index finger around the flat part of the Spring Clip and pull the front clips forward, allowing the Armor Shield to slip down into the front Spring Clips. (Be sure your fingers are not in the curved part of the clip where the Shield will rest.)