University of Tennessee 3" Temperature Gauge


University of Tennessee 3" Temperature Gauge


Great barbecue requires an accurate thermometer to monitoring the temperature of your cooking equipment. Eliminate the guesswork and use this universal-fit large dial grill thermometer made for Armor Shields by Tel-Tru Manufacturing Company.

Tel-Tru is the world standard for quality workmanship, accuracy, and durability and is the trusted brand of industrial-quality thermometers and customer satisfaction. Tel-Tru thermometers are used by world champion bbq pit masters and James Beard chefs. 

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Product Benefits

  • Fits most outdoor cooking equipment including:

    • Ceramic or Kamado-style cookers

    • Metal Kettle, Pellet, and Patio smokers and grills

    • Tailgate grills and BBQ smokers.

  • Fast and Simple Installation

    • Thermometer stem requires a 3/16” diameter hole and commonly fits the same hole as your original thermometer.

    • Grill clip (included) for quick installation & fastening.

  • Easy-to-read dial that covers your outdoor cooking style

    • 3” large dial with graduations, numbers, and zones

      • 100/700°F range to support your low and slow or hot and fast cooking.

      • Smoke, BBQ, Low Grill to Searing temperature zones.

  • 3” long probe/stem to fit ceramic and metal grills and/or smokers

  • All stainless steel housing and clip.

  • Accuracy ± 1% full span

    • Manufactured to the ASME B40.3 industrial standard.

  • Calibration adjustable — (Note: Every thermometer is calibrated and must pass accuracy testing before it ships from the Tel-Tru factory).

    • 212F graduation marked on dial as reference test point for convenience.

    • 360 degree groove on the stem gives user visibility to the minimum insertion length of stem so the sensor is completely immersed.

    • User can adjust the calibration by using a wrench to turn the friction hex nut which will move the pointer.